Enterprise Spirit
Core Value: Concentration, Devotion, Innovation, Win-win

Operation Idea:
Gestate up 100 years Gacia staffs
Build up 100 years Gacia brand
Create 100 years Gacia clients
Enterprise Goal: Build up the most professional circuit breaker brand in China, be devoted to the cooperation with world famous brands.
Slogan: We produce circuit breaker only!

Brand Explaination:

①     Brand Story: 100 years ago, a war broke out between America and Spain. A US army Lieutenant Rowen underwent great hardships and sent a secret letter from US President McKinley to Cuba Revolution Army leader General Gacia. Thus, the whole war situation was finally changed. Rowen’s story of loyalty, devotion to responsibility, and pursuit for success became widely known. “A message to Gacia” becomes a symbol of pursuit for success from generation to generation.

②     Green color, main color of Gacia, implies energy conservation and environment protection. Gacia upholds and is devoted to production of green products and seeks the situation that energy consumption of production process of every product can be reduced in order to lower the influence on environment.  

③     Trademark of half globe shape symbols that Gacia products are known all around the world and Gacia service is getting close to customers and thousands of homes.

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